How to improve your Call Center Operation’s performance?

Discover how to increase the performance of your call center operation with the most effective and easy-to-implement professional advice. In this blog we will show you alternatives to establish a productive organizational culture, strengthening positive relationships, and innovating in business management. Read More

What to Know Before Launching an Operation in Mexico

Are you looking for a place where you can nearshore and set up your operation, without sacrifice?  Mexico is a great alternative for growing your business. You will benefit from a large pool of bilingual talent, reduced costs, affinity, and local support. The tips mentioned in this blog can help you find the right place to establish your nearshore operation,…

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The Business Challenge behind COVID-19

In pandemic times, some companies have faced unexpected challenges and significant changes in managing the new reality. Many of them have been following new trends in business models, such as remote working, and still maintaining as their main objective the achievement of an effective performance in their operations. In this blog, Intugo provides you with strategies to help you to…