call center agent 2 A traditional approach? On-site suited to your needs A traditional approach? On-site suited to your needs

Increase productivity, lower costs and improve efficiencies

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore call center operation in Mexico. Intugo connects you to Mexico’s top-rated bi-lingual talent that you require to make your operation a success.

Your call center operation is considered captive since you will have the opportunity to manage it the way you see fit and emulate the successes of your current operations.

Your call center team is recruited by us to your exact specifications and you make the hiring decision just as you would in your internal operation. Your team is trained by you and follows your instruction. Intugo’s locations operate in the same time zones as the US.

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Set up your nearshore call center operation

We provide facilities to suit your workplace, including an office space built to suit your exact needs for as many employees as you need.

The Intugo team has the skills and experience to adapt to your business, providing a wide range of infrastructure needed for service, an ideal space to carry out your functions, and daily operations.

Co-working call center operations

This model of Intugo allows you to establish your small operation with a few dedicated full time employees in our shared environment, improving the quality of your labor force and personal space while adding value to your call center operation.

The co-working call center operations that Intugo supports includes; customer service, collections, account management, tech support, inbound sales, lead generation, and much more!

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In light of recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Intugo provides you with a renovated business model, allowing you to experience the benefits of working remotely and on-site at the same time, with the additional possibility of starting your remote operation and adapting it to on-site when you need it.

Go hybrid, and experience the best of working on-site and remotely.

Our Business Model includes:

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Facilities Set Up

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Recruiting and Screening

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Regulatory Compliance / Government Relations

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Human Resources Management

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Tax and Accounting

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Purchasing Services

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Facilities Management

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Succesful Call Center Operations

Call Center Operations Quick Facts

I used to run a 10 people team for my former employer, through Intugo at one of their coworking facilities. Now I work for somebody else. First thing I recommend: ‘Let’s create a team with Intugo. Easy, fast, cost effective’. I wouldn’t do it with anybody else”

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