Our unique business model yet very closely Our unique business model yet very closely allows you to operate remotely, allows you to operate remotely,

Change encourages innovation and leads to better business opportunities

Due to COVID-19, we have experienced challenging times leading us to face uncharted territory. Because of these unexpected changes, Intugo has decided to innovate its business model, implementing the necessary procedures and measures to ensure success in each of its clients’ current operations. Within these measures is our “working from home” model.

Our team of experts provides you with the necessary digital capabilities and tools to assist you through 100% remote processes, such as online recruitment of the best bilingual talent in Mexico, contracts set-up or termination, among others. By operating remotely, you have the opportunity to have total control of your operation, train your team on-site and continue to perform your operations from a distance.

Intugo helps you to easily make important decisions, as you would do on-site or in your country while maintaining your business and management culture and emulating the success of your current operation.

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Because working on-site and remotely simultaneously seems to be challenging but not impossible, go hybrid.

Cost Effective

During pandemic times, remote work has significantly increased, reaching a scale of 44% in this present year. This modality has enabled call center operations professionals to work from home or outside the traditional scheme. According to Global Workplace Analytics, a typical company can save around $11,000 per year for every employee who works from home at least some of the time.

Intugo's remote call center operations contribute to the reduction of structural costs, as well as workspace, logistics, travel management, and transportation.

Scalable and Flexible

Intugo enables you to start your remote call center operation with a team of up to one member and offers you the flexibility to train your team on-site, as well as tailor your operation in traditional modality when you need it.

Our equipment provides you with great scalability to increase your remote call center workforce most efficiently, helping to improve the competitiveness, efficiency, reputation, and performance of your operation.

Bilingual Top Talent

With your remote operation, the Intugo team is in charge of recruiting the best bilingual talent from all over Mexico and build your Call Center team, a team that is qualified to offer the best solutions and perform top of the line.

Remote working from Intugo allows employees to perform from their preferred location -typically their own homes- adapting to your own schedules, achieving great and powerful benefits to your organization such as the increase of productivity rates, decrease of absenteeism, the minimization of production costs, and increase of talent pool.


Our team of experts with more than 10 years of experience, are qualified to adapt to your operation, achieving to satisfy your needs in the shortest time possible and exceed your expectations.

Our Business Model includes:

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Working from Home Set Up

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Online Recruiting and Screening

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Regulatory Compliance / Government Relations

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Human Resources Management

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Tax and Accounting

Purchasing Services

100% Remote Processes

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Successful Remote Call Center Operations

Quick Facts about Working from Home

Intugo took us to the talent market in Mexico and helped us understand what we were going to be able to do, Working together helped us grow.

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